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Lebanese Association of SOS Children's Villages

Monseigneur Chebli Ave. SOS bldg. Jisr El Basha - Sin el Fil

Tel: +9611499787 or +961499808


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Kindly make your donation: in person, by OMT, bank transfer or by credit card.

In person
Visit our National Office at: Monseigneur Chebli Ave. SOS bldg. Jisr El Basha Sin el Fil.
Or call our Office : +961 1 499 787 or +961 1 499 808
Or WhatsApp : +961 71 868 617

You can now donate to SOS Children’s Villages at any OMT location all over Lebanon.
Donating at OMT is free of charge.

Bank transfer
Cash or money transfers through the following bank accounts at all branches inside and outside Lebanon: