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SOS Children's Villages Lebanon programs

At SOS Children's Villages Lebanon, we believe that family-based care program is the best option for children who have been abandoned or lost parental care. Support is provided to the children at all levels. Children in need from all ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds receive quality support in the form of four fundamental pillars of family-based care: a caring and loving mother, brothers and sisters (both biological and in-care), the warmth and comfort of a home and the security and reliability of the village and community. Keeping in mind Lebanon's social, cultural, and religious traditions and beliefs, SOS Children's Villages Lebanon is always attentive and alert to the best interest of the children according to customized individual personal development plans for each individual child.


SOS Children's Villages family based care

The SOS Children's Villages family-based care strategy emphasizes family relationships; each individual in an SOS family receives a unique supporting identity and a sense of belonging. The bond between the children amongst each other and their SOS mother lasts long after they leave the SOS Children's Villages and become independent adults.

Each child joins a family of 7 to 9 brothers and sisters with an SOS mother in their own home. The SOS Mother is responsible for her own family and house, manages her own financial spending and contributes to the balanced development of every child. As professional caregivers, and with the support of the village director and the village pedagogical team, SOS mothers provide the best alternative care for the children and relate to them with the same duty and joys of every other biological mother.


SOS Children's Villages family strengthening programs

In addition to the family-based care program that the children and youth receive directly under our care, SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon also works to strengthen disadvantaged families by supporting caregivers in acquiring specific skills that will help enhance their economic situation.

In 1986, in the midst of the 15 years Lebanese civil war, SOS Children's Villages Lebanon was the first to introduce SOS Family Strengthening Program (FSP) in Lebanon. Later on, this pioneer program was adopted and duplicated worldwide. FSP was a response to the civil war when many children faced the risk of abandonment after they lost their fathers and the mothers did not have the financial means or capacity to support their families on their own.


SOS Children’s Villages Emergency Response Program

In addition to family-based care and family strengthening programs, SOS Children’s Village Lebanon provides short-term emergency assistance in the incidents that affect children and families during crises and catastrophes. Following the Beirut Port blast on August 4, 2020, SOS Lebanon initiated its Emergency Response Program (ERP) that has been functional for close to a year now.