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How can you help

Sponsor a child

Sponsor a child & change a life

Children worldwide, especially children suffering from abandonment, are often the most vulnerable victims of brutality, poverty, natural disasters, and diseases.

When you sponsor a child with SOS 'Children's Villages Lebanon, you will be helping a child deprived of parental care and providing him/her with a loving and safe family home to grow up with an SOS mother and siblings.



Sponsor a family

Sponsor a family

By contributing a specific sum per year, you can sponsor an SOS family in any of the SOS children' 's villages in Lebanon. Your sponsorship provides a solid support to the children along with their families who grow up in SOS 'Children's Villages. It also enables them to live with love, respect and security in a homely environment.


Sponsor a village

At SOS 'Children's Villages, the old adage that "it takes a village to raise a child" finds its full meaning. Our villages constitute an extension of the 'children's house and family, and provide children with a green and healthy environment in which they can play, form strong relationships, and enjoy their childhood in its entirety.

When you sponsor 'a village', you help to provide community play areas where the children can run, laugh, and experience the joy of childhood. You will also be helping to maintain the grounds so that the children can take pride in the appearance of their home.



Donation in kind

The daily needs of an SOS 'Children's Village are various and range from clothing, food, medicine , and regular operational needs for the houses among others.

All donations in kind such as new shoes, 'children's clothing items, food supplies that do not need immediate refrigerating (oil, powdered milk, rice, legumes, etc…), household cleaning products (washing powder, toilet paper, etc…), teaching aids, office supplies, new linens, towels, general homeware equipment, new or slightly used electrical appliances (refrigerators, stoves, etc…) are welcome.

For more information, you may contact us at +961 1 499 787 or +961 1 499 808 or email: communications.sos@sos.org.lb

Volunteering at SOS Lebanon

We are always in need of new helping hands.
To all those who wish to assist us, kindly provide us with your contact information by applying on this page.
Whether you want to provide occasional or continuous volunteering, we welcome you all. Volunteering with SOS Children's Villages will not only help you advance in your career/education, but it will provide you with an incredible opportunity at nurturing your emotional side by working with and for the children.

To apply for the volunteering program, CLICK HERE