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Family based – care program

The SOS Children's Villages family-based care strategy emphasizes family relationships; each individual in an SOS family receives a unique supporting identity and a sense of belonging. The bond between the children amongst each other and their SOS mother lasts long after they leave the SOS Children's Villages and become independent adults.

Each child joins a family of 7 to 9 brothers and sisters with an SOS mother in their own home. The SOS Mother is responsible for her own family and house, manages her own financial spending and contributes to the balanced development of every child. As professional caregivers, and with the support of the village director and the village pedagogical team, SOS mothers provide the best alternative care for the children and relate to them with the same duty and joys of every other biological mother.

SOS Children’s Villages emphasizes education for its key role in contributing to the well-being of families, by providing the opportunity for financial independence and individual fulfillment. SOS Children's Villages Lebanon works to give children and families access to quality educational programs.

Youth Programs: Adolescents, at the age of 14 to 15, move to SOS Youth Homes for girls and for boys where they receive a close and individual attention and support, good education and vocational training at strengthening their skills and putting them on the path of independence. Well-trained professional Youth educators are in charge of these Youth Homes.

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