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Family Strengthening Program

In addition to the family-based care program that the children and youth receive directly under our care, SOS Children’s Villages Lebanon also works to strengthen disadvantaged families by supporting caregivers in acquiring specific skills that will help enhance their economic situation.

In 1986, in the midst of the 15 years Lebanese civil war, SOS Children's Villages Lebanon was the first to introduce SOS Family Strengthening Program (FSP) in Lebanon. Later on, this pioneer program was adopted and duplicated worldwide. FSP was a response to the civil war when many children faced the risk of abandonment after they lost their fathers and the mothers did not have the financial means or capacity to support their families on their own.

The SOS Family Strengthening Program has been active for the last 31 years and is implemented through two SOS social centers, in Beirut and Bekaa (Ksarnaba), and currently assists over 900 children and their caregivers in various regions of the country.

By providing short-term emergency assistance and a long-term empowering package, this program enables families at risk of child abandonment to ensure their children’s right to have a family and stable environment by enabling them to achieve social reintegration and self-reliance. This is achieved by putting the following steps in place:

• Provide immediate monetary relief, food, clothes and shelters for families in need.
• Provide moral and health support to traumatized children.
• Support families and unite all siblings with their parents.
• Provide the support for the head of families and help them to move into self-reliance.

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