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SOS Children's Village - Kfarhay

November 2nd, 2017

SOS Children's Village - Kfarhay was founded on an area of 29780 m2 offered by the Maronite Patriarchate through The International Federation of SOS Children's Villages. SOS Village in Kfarhay includes ten homes for the children , a house for the aunts (auxiliaries to the mothers, and trainee potential future mother candidates), and another one for the residence of village director. It also comprises a nursery, a large lounge for activities and another one for computers; as well as four homes for the retired mothers , one of them is currently used as a clinic for various specialties such as Speech Evaluation and Correction , Psychological and Psychotropic treatments. In addition to all this, the SOS Village in Kfarhay encompasses an administration building, a medical clinic and a maintenance operator, three children's yards ( including a theatre ) and a playground for diverse ball sports. Paired to the SOS Village in Kfarhay is a youth house for boys in the Byblos region.

The SOS Children Village in Kfarhay was inaugurated on 14 October 1995 in the presence of the former President of the International Federation of SOS Children's Villages, Now Honorary President, Mr. Helmut Kutin. Kfarhay is 500 m above sea level. It is 72 km north of the central capital of Lebanon, Beirut, whereas it is 14 km away from the city of Batroun, the judicial and public administration center. From Tripoli, the capital of North Lebanon , Kfarhay is about 40 km. Differentiated by its rural character and its clean and pollution-free environment , Kfarhay has an ancient church named after St. Saba built on a former pagans temple . It comprises also the monastery of Saint Maroun, which was the first Patriarchal Seat in Lebanon (685-707) embracing in its church the sacredness of Saint Maroun, founder of the Maronite Church. Kfahay SOS Village is built on the land donated by St. Maroun Monastery.

Today, the SOS Village in Kfarhay is home to 55 children.


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